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About the game

Have you ever played detective and hidden object games?
Now we put you live in the role of an investigator!
Locked in a room for 60 minutes, you must find clues
and solve logical riddles in order to find the exit!

Unique stories

Games are designed by members of Mensa and they contain original riddles and stories specially made for this region. Are you up to the challenge?

Team building

Teamwork in this activity is suitable for bonding between colleagues and developing of communication and collaboration skills. We also make portable escape games in your company.

Birthdays to remember

Surprise your friend with an extraordinary birthday gift! While you are solving the riddles together, your friend will find a surprise you prepared for them. Contact us for an arrangement.

CSI: Serbia

Braće Baruh 4


Is it possible to commit the perfect crime? Field research and forensics versus human ingenuity and trace removal skills. What techniques do special investigators use? An agent was killed at the center of the Detective Security Agency. Due to the possible involvement of the DSA in the crime, CSI investigators were called in to investigate.

Security Center DSA presents a new kind of escape mystery - detective room. An interactive story written with the advice of real agents, it brings a first-person adventure full of detective sequences, combining the tried and tested elements of a classic escape room. Could you be a better investigator than Horatio?

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The Terrorist

Braće Baruh 4


You are in a special detective team in charge of capturing terrorists and deactivating explosives. An unknown terrorist has planted a bomb somwehere in the city. Your task is to uncover the location of the bomb and the identity of the terrorist, but first you must solve something unexpected...

The Terrorist is a room with a higher difficulty level and it's not linear. This setup was once a course in Tactical house for security DBA where it was used to train detectives and special police forces. Now it's been remade as an escape room adventure and finally available to civilians.

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Throne Games: House Lannister

Cara Uroša 39


Enter the world of epic fantasy. We take you on an extraordinary journey, full of intrigue, mystery, betrayal, struggle for power... The room can be played not just by fans of the show, but by everyone who likes medieval epic fantasy - no prior knowledge necessary.

The story begins at the wedding of King Joffrey, at the moment he was poisoned. Desperate, Queen Cersei demands justice. Guests flee in panic, and Lord Baelish offers to help you escape. The subsequent course of events will reveal the true faces of many, on your way from the royal wedding to the distant lands across the Narrow Sea. Will you eventually side with the Lannisters or will you recognize Daenerys as Queen?


Cara Uroša 39


Go from stone axe to space travel in 60 minutes. Find the secret of the runes. Experience the very moments of the biggest scientific discoveries in the history of mankind. Be in the role of Ramesses, Leonidas, Isaac Newton, Mendeleev, Stephenson, Tesla... The room holds eons and the door is waiting to be opened...

At the dawn of civilization the first writings emerged - the ancient runes. What role in the evolution of mankind did these symbols have? Are the rituals associated with the constellations of the zodiac? Link the eclipses of the sun and the moon with the mysterious stones of Stonehenge! Is the answer hidden in the circle of the monolith?

The Secret of Nikola Tesla

Cara Uroša 39


Famous for his revolutionary achievements, the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla invented a system for unlimited transfer of wireless energy, which was meant to be made available for everybody, for free. Of course, Thomas Edison and the big corporations did not like this, and they managed to stop this innovation from being published. However, Tesla never destroyed the scheme of his invention...

It is not widely known that the controversial scientist had a secret hideout in Belgrade where he worked on new technological discoveries for the benefit of the human kind. It has been speculated that his most important work remained hidden at this very place... If you have the skills needed for solving all riddles set up by Nikola Tesla in order to protect his work, you might get a hold of his greatest invention, with which you can change the world!

Office Mystery (Team Building)

New - team building like you've never experienced before! Refresh the spirit of the colleagues in your company by having fun in your company's office! We come to you and assemble our game "Office Mystery" according to the structure of your space, existing furniture and items. Per your wish we also create special riddles based on your brand and business field. Contact us for more information.
Note: this room is not available to play in our premises.

It's Monday. Everyone in the company begin their day regularly, drinking coffee, having breakfast. Meanwhile, one of your colleagues didn't show up today at work. You decide to call him on his cell phone and suddenly you hear ringing coming from his office. You open the door and notice that the computer stayed on, and that there are some strange items around his desk... Will you manage to find all the clues and find out what happened to the missing colleague?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can play?
    Our games are suited to ages 7 to 77 and are aimed at gamers and anyone who likes solving riddles.

  • How many can play?
    The recommended number of players is from 2 to 5 per group.

  • Is any prior knowledge required?
    Games are designed in such a way that you don't need any prior knowledge. Our game master will introduce you to some basic rules. Game lasts about 60 minutes.

  • What if we have to leave the room before the end?
    Don't worry, there is a button for emergency exit next to the door or the gamemaster will let you out.

  • What if we don't know what to do?
    Occasionally you will get a hint if you get stuck and you can ask for help anytime.

  • What is the price to play?
    The prices are from 4000 to 5000 Serbian dinars for the whole team, depending on the room. Reservations are required.

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